Walking directions to the pantheon

A Guide to Walking to the Pantheon in Rome


The Pantheon, one of Rome’s most iconic landmarks, is a marvel of ancient architecture. Nestled in the heart of the city, reaching the Pantheon on foot is not only easy but also a delightful experience, filled with the sights and sounds of Rome’s vibrant streets. This article provides detailed walking directions to the Pantheon from several notable starting points in Rome.

Starting from Roma Termini Station

Roma Termini, the main railway station in Rome, is a common starting point for many tourists.

  1. Exiting Roma Termini: Begin by heading southeast on Piazza dei Cinquecento, towards Via Giovanni Giolitti.
  2. Via Cavour: Turn left onto Via Cavour. This busy street is lined with shops and cafes – perfect for a quick coffee.
  3. Towards the Forum: After about 1 km, turn right onto Via dei Fori Imperiali. You’ll pass by the Roman Forum, a sight worth the detour.
  4. Piazza Venezia: Continue until you reach Piazza Venezia, a bustling square dominated by the Altare della Patria.
  5. Via del Corso: From Piazza Venezia, head northwest on Via del Corso.
  6. Approaching the Pantheon: Turn left onto Via di Pietra, then right onto Via del Pastini. The Pantheon’s impressive facade will soon come into view.

From Vatican City

Starting from the spiritual and administrative center of the Roman Catholic Church, the walk is a bit longer but immensely scenic.

  1. St. Peter’s Square: Begin at St. Peter’s Square, heading east on Via della Conciliazione.
  2. Crossing the Tiber: Cross the Ponte Sant’Angelo for stunning views of the Tiber River.
  3. Via dei Coronari: Once over the bridge, continue on Via dei Coronari, a charming street known for its antique shops.
  4. Piazza Navona: This route will lead you directly to Piazza Navona. Take a moment to admire the fountains and street artists.
  5. Final Stretch: From Piazza Navona, the Pantheon is just a short walk south. Follow any street leading off the south side of the piazza.

From the Colosseum

A walk from the Colosseum to the Pantheon is like traveling through centuries of history.

  1. Start at the Colosseum: Facing the Colosseum, head west along Via dei Fori Imperiali.
  2. Roman Forum: Pass by the Roman Forum on your left, another historical treasure trove.
  3. Piazza Venezia: Continue until you reach Piazza Venezia, and then follow the directions previously mentioned from this point.

Tips for the Walk

  • Comfortable Shoes: Rome’s cobblestone streets can be tough on the feet, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Stay Hydrated: Carry a water bottle, especially during the warmer months. Rome has many public fountains with drinkable water.
  • Map or GPS: While this guide provides directions, having a map or GPS can be handy, especially for exploring side streets.
  • Enjoy the Sights: The walk to the Pantheon is filled with historical and cultural landmarks. Allow time for detours and sightseeing.

Walking to the Pantheon

Walking to the Pantheon in Rome is an experience that combines the joy of discovery with a journey through history. Each step brings you closer not only to your destination but also to a deeper connection with the Eternal City. Whether starting from Roma Termini, Vatican City, or the Colosseum, the walk is an integral part of the Roman experience, unveiling the city’s timeless beauty at every turn.