Photography Guidelines Pantheon

Photography is generally allowed inside the Pantheon in Rome, with some guidelines to keep in mind to ensure a respectful and enjoyable experience for all visitors:

  • No flash photography: To preserve the delicate artwork, surfaces, and materials within the Pantheon, it is essential to avoid using flash while taking photos. Flash photography can cause damage to the artworks over time and disturb other visitors.
  • No tripods or monopods: Due to space limitations and to prevent obstruction of visitor traffic, tripods and monopods are not allowed inside the Pantheon. Stick to handheld photography to capture your memories.
  • Be respectful of religious activities: The Pantheon is still an active place of worship, and visitors should be respectful of any religious activities taking place during their visit. If a religious service is in progress, refrain from taking photos or be discreet and respectful if you do.
  • Don’t disturb other visitors: Be mindful of other visitors while taking photos, as excessive noise or blocking walkways can disrupt the experience for others. Be courteous and considerate when capturing your memories.
  • No commercial photography: Professional or commercial photography is not allowed without prior permission. If you are planning a professional photoshoot, contact the Pantheon’s administration in advance to inquire about any necessary permits or restrictions.

By following these photography guidelines, you can capture beautiful images of the Pantheon while respecting the monument’s historical and religious significance, as well as the experience of other visitors.

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