Pantheon Rome free entry

Can you visit the Pantheon in Rome for free?

Yes, you can visit the Pantheon in Rome, but since July 3rd, 2023, there has been a change in its entry policy. For the first time in its history, tourists are now required to pay a fee to enter the Pantheon. The entry fee is €5 for adults over 25, while EU citizens aged between 18 and 25 are charged a reduced fee of €3. Entry remains free for Rome residents, visitors with disabilities, and those under 18. Additionally, access is free on the first Sunday of each month as part of Italy’s Domenica al Museo program.

You have the option to purchase tickets either online or directly at the Pantheon. Buying tickets in advance is recommended to avoid long lines. The tickets are available for purchase on the Musei Italiani website. It’s important to note that even though the Pantheon is now charging an entry fee, it continues to function as a church, with Mass held at specific times. The revenue generated from ticket sales is split between Italy’s culture ministry and the diocese of Rome, with a portion being used for the maintenance and cleaning of the Pantheon and for church-related charitable activities

When did Pantheon start charging?

The Pantheon in Rome started charging an entry fee for tourists on July 3, 2023. This marked the first time in its history that visitors were required to pay to enter the site. The decision to implement an entry fee was part of an agreement between Italy’s culture ministry and church authorities. Proceeds from the ticket sales are divided between the culture ministry and the diocese of Rome, with the funds being used for maintenance and charity purposes. Prior to this date, the Pantheon was free to visit as a place of worship.

Should I buy Pantheon tickets in advance?

Yes, it is advisable to buy tickets for the Pantheon in Rome in advance. Since the introduction of an entry fee in July 2023, purchasing tickets ahead of time can save you time and potentially avoid long lines at the ticket office. Buying tickets in advance ensures that you have a reserved time slot for your visit, which can be particularly useful during peak tourist seasons or busy times of the day.

You can purchase tickets online through the official ticketing portal for the Pantheon. This way, you can choose a specific date and time slot for your visit and receive your tickets electronically. This is more convenient and can make your visit to the Pantheon more enjoyable and stress-free.